Affiliate Disclaimer

Before we begin, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way:

My name is Pulkit Gera. I run this site Blogging Done Better. I use affiliate links on this site, in the BDB newsletter and on BDB social media accounts.

And you probably know what affiliate links are, but if you don’t, there’s a good explanation at the bottom of the post.

Affiliate links and trust

I use affiliate links.

Does that mean you can’t trust the content I create?

Does it mean that I write good stuff about low quality, shady software from scammy companies to somehow try to trick you into buying horrible products - just so I can make a buck?

I know if I did that, I’d lose your trust pretty quickly.

You’d stop visiting this site, unsubscribe from the newsletter and unfollow me on social media.

And I don’t want that to happen.

So you can rest assured that BDB’s content is as fair and honest as humanly possible.

Anyways, I aim much higher than not-lose-you-trust.

I want you to be a fan of BDB’s work.
(1000 true fans principle)

A promise: To call a spade, a spade

No tool is perfect. Even the tools I recommend have their downsides.

I never say everything’s perfect with the tools I recommend. When I point out their positives, I’ll also make sure to point out their negatives.

Every single one that I can think of.

But I’m human. So it’s possible that eventually I might miss something.

If you think of something, good or bad, that I should include in my content: let me know.

If the point is valid, I’ll edit the post and include it.

Why I use affiliate links

I’m someone who believes in quality, not quantity.

I create low volume, high quality content.

Content that I believe KNOW will help you boost your digital marketing and make a big bunch of moolah for you.

So much so, that I know if I pulled all the free content on this site and repurposed it into several paid courses, people would be happy to buy the courses (for big money).

Instead, I CHOOSE to give out my content for free and use affiliate links to generate the revenue I need to keep this site running, pay my bills and earn some profit (this is a business after all).

Now of course you would ask:

Why would someone give something away for free when they can charge big money for it?

It’s simple.

It’s all about giving access to the widest possible audience. Not just paying customers.

But free content also means I need to use affiliate links to generate revenue.

Which means I need to create this page telling you that I know how important it is for you to trust my software/tool recommendations 🙂

Anyway, moving on …

Which software/tools/brands/companies I promote

I only promote stuff that I know is really high quality and I can stand behind confidently.

Before I can promote a company, I have to look at a few basic things (among many):

  1. 1
    Do they provide an excellent product at an excellent price?
  2. 2
    Have they built up trust and a good reputation in the industry?
  3. 3
    Do they provide great support to their customers?
  4. 4
    How do they compare with their competitors?

I only promote companies/tools/software if the answers to ALL these questions are positive.

I spend - a RIDICULIOUS amount of time and effort - figuring out all this and much more.

Honestly, most tools/software/brands/companies don’t make it through this scrutiny.

There are tons of shady products out there and tons of unscrupulous affiliate marketers to promote them.

Let them do their thing. I don’t care.

I only promote the very best, the crème de la crème.

Here are some one the companies/products/tools I promote:

Ahrefs, ActiveCampaign, ThriveThemes, Convertflow and Funnelytics.

Go ahead. Check ‘em out.

I’m sure you’ll love what they do.

And of course, I actually use these products.

Should I buy through Blogging Done Better’s affiliate links?

That’s a question that I cannot answer. It’s up to you.

But if you choose to buy through my affiliate links it would help me generate the revenue which is necessary for me to keep running this site and bringing you the kind of quality content you’d expect to pay for – for free.

And I’d also thank you in 6 languages:

Thank You, Danke, Dhanyawad, Shukriya, Gracias, Merci


All right. That’s it from me.


Pulkit Gera - Blogging Done Better

PS: Below this is info for people who don’t already know about affiliate links.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are a special kind of link. If you click an affiliate link and buy something from the site it links to, then the person (or company) that posted a link will get a commission from the seller.

For example: This is my affiliate link for ActiveCampaign. If you click this link and purchase an ActiveCampaign subscription, I earn recurring commissions from ActiveCampaign till the time you choose to remain their customer.

Now, companies like ActiveCampaign have a lot of affiliates promoting their products. They need an automated system to figure out which affiliate referred them the new client. So they use tracking.

This simply means that each of their affiliates will have a unique ID and they will need to use that ID in their affiliate links to let ActiveCampaign know who to give the commission to.

How are the commissions earned?

If you buy a product that I’m promoting through my affiliate link and you don’t refund within a certain timeframe (this varies with each seller’s affiliate program), then the seller will make a note that they need to pay me the commission, usually within a couple of months after you make the purchase.

Do I pay extra?

Nope. You don’t pay anything extra.

The commission is paid by the seller to the affiliate and it’s usually a percentage of the amount you paid. This means that the seller pays me the commission but you don’t pay a single extra penny.

If you buy at a discounted price, my commission will also be reduced (which I really don’t mind).

I’ll probably even send out email broadcasts to let you know when they have a sale.

How can I tell if a link is an affiliate link or not?

On this site you can assume that any link which contains /go/ in the URL is most likely an affiliate link. Hover the mouse over the link and look to the bottom left of your browser.

You can also assume that any link in the newsletter is probably an affiliate link too.

If you’re ever in doubt that a link on this site, in the newsletter or my social media posts in an affiliate link or not, just assume that it is.

If you want to clarify, just ask me. Make sure you mention the website URL or the email’s subject line or the link to the social media post.

What if I don’t want to buy through BDB’s affiliate link?

Cool. No problem.

I understand that sometimes people don’t want to use affiliate links for whatever reason.

A simple way to do this would be to open the link in an incognito window and remove the last part of the URL in your address bar after the question mark (including the question mark). Copy the remaining URL. Then close the incognito window and open this URL in the normal browser. That should work for most affiliate links (some also track IP addresses so it might be a good idea to switch your IP address as well before making the purchase).

If you need help, contact me and I’ll guide you.

Date updated: 15th March 2021